This is where I, the anonymous Libertarian blogger, will post my musings on Liberty and certain happenings around the world and Australia that may be of interest to you. My mission is simple: to help inform people about Libertarian concepts and how we are being duped into turning our backs on Liberty so that the powerful can have their way with us.

I was interviewed by Yaël Ossowski on March 1st, who hosts a popular podcast called "Liberty in Exile" that is syndicated on the Liberty Radio Network. Yaël and I discussed a range of topics mainly focused on the state of freedom in Australia and some of my own experiences with the Australian authorities.

You can view the podcast page, complete with show notes and links to sources.

You can also download the audio podcast file.


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After watching this presentation on the right to resist authority I must say that George H Smith explains the moral right of resistance well. I'll possible add some more editorial at some later stage, but encourage everyone to check this out and comment on it.

I found this video a while ago on YouTube and loved it for the way it takes you through the philosophy of Liberty with simple representation. In spite of the simple animation and language, the video is true to Libertarian philosophy in its explanation. From watching this, it becomes clear that for human beings to reach their individual potential, the use of force against others is immoral unless used in the defense of life and property. Liberty is the concept of self-ownership, of not having one's life owned or forced into anything by others. A society that embraces Liberty is a truly free society that is above all voluntary where the government (if any is deemed necessary) is primarily constituted to protect the innate rights of the people from being violated. Anyway, I hope you find this video informative and inspiring..

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Thankyou for visiting, a website that is a personal pet project inspired by a love of the concept of Freedom and Liberty embodied in the ideals of Libertarianism. As our governments on every level pass sweeping legislation that ultimately reduce our basic freedoms at an ever increasing pace and with increasing hubris, it becomes apparent that Australians are unaware of the serious consequences of allowing government power to grow unchecked.

This website was created as a place where not just Australians, but anybody can learn about Liberty and contribute ideas and participate in discussion about the concept of Liberty, Libertarianism and living in a free society.



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