I was interviewed by Yaël Ossowski on March 1st, who hosts a popular podcast called "Liberty in Exile" that is syndicated on the Liberty Radio Network. Yaël and I discussed a range of topics mainly focused on the state of freedom in Australia and some of my own experiences with the Australian authorities.

You can view the podcast page, complete with show notes and links to sources.

You can also download the audio podcast file.

Topics that we touched on were as follows:

  • The pro-War on Terror rhetoric coming from Prime Minister Julia Gillard and why the general public in Australia would take any of it seriously;
  • The Aboriginal Tent Embassy and media farces aimed to discredit protesters;
  • Waking up to a police state - testimony of experiencing a train station turned warrant-less search zone in Footscray Melbourne;
  • Port Arthur and the great Australian gun-grab, plus the crime increase since;
  • Australian Federal Government plans to confiscate "inactive" bank accounts and superannuation funds;
  • Central Banking and its control over society plus a little about bitcoins;
  • Privacy on the Internet, the mandatory internet filter, Internet nationalisation under the NBN and ASIOs demand for warrant-less snooping powers;
  • More on the fake war on terror and media farces;
  • First hand account of how the Office of Prime Minister John Howard breached due process to censor embarrassing satirical website;
  • Briton refuses to pay TV license citing laws against funding terrorism in court case accusing BBC of aiding 9/11 terrorists;
  • The double-edged sword of topical fiction on TV;
  • Online activism techniques

This was my very first interview/collaboration with a fellow liberty minded individual and I thoroughly enjoyed having our discussion.


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