sodium fluorideThe virtues of water fluoridation pushed by our representatives is based on flimsy and misleading science and a miguided principle that if the government deems that something benefits the "greater good", then its ok if it causes injury to a minority within the population. Even if you think this approach is acceptable, the emerging facts form numerous studies conclude that sodium fluoride is a dangerous poison that has been linked to many serious health problems including brain damage, cancer and even dental fluorosis (good for your teeth huh?). Forced medication via the public drinking water is not virtuous and supporting the practice is extremely naive.

This perverse experiment on an unsuspecting public must come to and end. Only through educating ourselves to the clear and present danger of government mandated water flouridation, together with local communities uniting to demand an end to this practice, can we hope to reduce the imapct it is having on health, especially in young children. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and any "authorities" who are charged with the duty of managing the people's drinking water should be proving to the people that any additives are completely safe by conducting continuous studies into it's efficacy.

The justifications from the Victorian State Government on water fluoridation wriiten on their website are patently absurd, especially when you read their Q&A PDF relating to "ethics". Reading it is a real lesson in double-speak and even dismisses the legitimacy of public debate on the issue.

Watch "Fire Water" Documentary

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I invite you to watch a documentary produced by Saphire Eyes Productions in Australia, which investigates water fluoridation specifically in Victoria, Australia, it's dangers to health and the ties to heavy industry.

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